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AGMEL S.A. DE C.V. (MIMEX), Lic Albino Vargas Ozuna

Phone:   Fax:  
Email:   Web Address:
Partner: Lic. Albino Vargas Ozuna
Industry: Biotechnology
Number of Employees: 10
Bank: naltrexone pill g>Future Auditor:
Law Firm(s):
Amount of Financing Sought:
See investment plan
Current Investors:($Amt. Invested)
Angel Investors
Use of Funds:
Conduct tests on live animals (rats) to confirm the therapeutic impact of the organic compound, currently demonstrated in the laboratory. Prove and isolate the final active substance and the proper dosage to treat cancer on human beings.
Description of Business: 

Confirm and isolate the active substance found in agave vegetable extracts, that can be applied to cure and/or prevent cancer

Said vegetable extract shows In Vitro a capacity to reduce the growth of cancer cells by 70% in colon cancer, and shows similar percentages of success in mammary and hepatic cancer. We currently have a patent over said vegetable extract: (Confidential registry number). The research was carried out by Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Having finished the research on animals, the isolation of the substance, and the legal protection of the information gathered, the intellectual property will be sold to laboratories interested in making a pharmaceutical product to be used in the cure and/or prevention of cancer in humans.

Investment Plan: The investor will be a part of the company and will have an important percentage of the earnings obtained in the sale of the investigation. The amount solicited is $150,000 USD

Initial Investment: 30,000 USD

6 months: 25,000

12 months: 25,000

18 months: 20,000

End Investment: 50,000

Administrative Team:
Center for Biotechnology: Dr. Sergio Sena (Researcher), Dra. Janet Gutiérrez (Researcher), Dr. Mario Álvarez (Director Centro de Biotecnología)

EGADE: Dr. Daniel Maranto (Consultant), Dra. Elisa Cobas (Director of the Business Accelerator)

Angel Investors Club: Lic. Sergio de Alba (Former Secretary of Economy), Dr. Alejandro Gonzáles (Director of TEC Business Accelerator)

Medical School of Tec de Monterrey (to be confirmed) (inverstor): Dr Martín Hernández (Director of the School ofBiotechnology and Health Science)

Legal and valuation of the company: El Dr, Marlon López, Researcher, teacher and former director of the Law Department ITESM; We are also backed by the firm Vela and Associates 

Consultant and facilitator for the sale of the patent; Dr. Mario Villarreal (Teacher and researcher of economics for the)


Patent: Active substance present in vegetable extracts of agave that can cure and/or prevent cancer

Technologies / Special Expertise: Biotechnology

Market : 13,248 millions USD, is the amount of money a laboratory could make if they buy our investigation, and can produce a pharmaceutical product that treats cancer. (This amount is calculated exclusively for the United States of America and only for colon cancer

Distribution Channels: Direct sales of the patent to laboratories so they can develop the pharmaceutical product

Other products used to fight or prevent cancer

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