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Selection Process
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investment Philosophy
What we are looking for

We welcome opportunities to help build companies with lasting significance:

...significant technology or business model innovation
  • Several sectors are of particular interest - Technology, Energy, Life Science, Web services, Business Services - though also new markets or contrarian approaches to existing markets...
  • ...with a protected technology or other sustainable advantage

...across stages of investment, from seed to late stage

  • From initial ideas or ventures with significant technical risk, including "science experiments," though risks should be identifiable and testable early...
  • proven businesses looking to expand
  • Investment size can range from $100,000 to $20MM+

...with people who are fun to work with and best in class

  • People who are open minded about building strong teams with background diversity...
  • ...who know what they know and know what they don't know?
  • ...and have deep expertise & large vis naltrexone drug ion large markets

  • Disrupting large existing markets - we love breaking monopolies
  • Or finding a $0 billion market (vs. a $0 million dollar market) with a credible path to grow
Calender Days Action Item
  Complete Business Plan Received
7 to 21 Ascend Business Plan Review
14 to 28 Initial Investment Review
0 to 14 Ascend Internal Due Diligence Approval
30 to 90 In-depth Due Diligence
» Market Opportunity Assessment
» Competitive Landscape Analysis
» Go to Market/Execution Plan Review
» Technology Review
» Strategic Partner Review
» Comprehensive Financial Model Developed
» Management Team Interviews
» Current and Potential Customer Reference Calls
7 to 21 Team Sheet Negotiated and Signed
21 to 30