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Claudia, Michael, Erick,Thomas
Tour of the Carnations 245-2 St. Patrick CP 25204, Mexico Coahuila Saltillo
Phone: 8441226611 Fax:  


Web Address:

Partner: Claudia Duque

Partner: Michael Waschnig

Partner: Erick Montoya

Partner: Thomas Magesacher

Industry: Financial Services
Number of Employees: 10
Future Auditor:
Law Firm(s):
Amount of Financing Sought:
i.e. $2M equity
Current Investors:($Amt. Invested)
Any Venture Capitalists,
Private Investors.
Use of Funds: Research, technology, marketing, sales, representatnte business.

Description of Business: Venture Capital and Financial Consultancies. Investing in companies with high growth potential, as a new alternative investment firms OTC.

Company Background: Provide a short summary of your company background

Administrative Team:
Lic. In Law Claudia Duque

Electrical Engineer Michael Waschnig

Lic. In Business Administration Erick Montoya

Electrical Engineering Thomas Magesacher

Products/Services: Financial Consultancy
Venture Capital

Technologies / Special Expertise: High Investment in knowledge, and relationships between companies in need of funding and investors. Specialists in financial projections. Intermediary business.

Market target: Aimed at businesses who qualify in our selection process, which listed only the best companies with high profitability. Aimed at firms Institutional Investors already qualified.

Distribution Channels: Selling face to face supported by our sales force, website:
Business Extrabursátiles
Avanza Capital

Financial Projections (Unaudited):

  2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
(dollars in thousands)          
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