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Investing in VentureBull   
VentureBull is a fast growing financial service company with an innovative concept to financing companies with a high potential for profitable and fast growth.

VentureBull relies on two branches of business – VentureBull Consulting and VentureBull Investing.

VentureBull Consulting offers business services to entrepreneurs in order to provide entrepreneurs with qualifications for financing of all kinds. VentureBull Consulting provides business planning, business strategy, and business evaluations services to entrepreneurs and investors. The primary sources of income for VentureBull Consulting are service fees paid by entrepreneurs, investors, or governmental institutions.

VentureBull Investing selects companies for financing in accordance with a clearly defined and strictly followed selection process. Only companies that fully comply with all requirements will be accepted to the VentureBull investment community. VentureBull Investing focuses on companies in Mexico and Latin America that are offering products and services in the areas of renewable energy, life science, and technology. The primary sources of income of VentureBull Investing are investment commissions, annual fund management fees, and the capital exit commissions.

VentureBull Investing and VentureBull Consulting are 100% subsidiaries of VentureBull Mexico S.A. de C.V. registered in Saltillo/Coahuila/Mexico.

VentureBull S.A. de C.V. is on target for fast growth and expansion into new markets in Latin America and beyond. In accordance with the VentureBull investment plan, the company allows external investors to participate in the company’s growth.

If you want to learn more about investing in VentureBull S.A. de C.V. please contact us.
Best Regards,

Michael Waschnig
VentureBull - Executive Partner
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